Chevrolet Orlando is a mid-size seven-seater minivan. The car is implemented on the platform of a popular sedan              Chevrolet Cruze. A compact minivan has an energetic exterior, underlined by a low roofline and a silhouette reminiscent of a crossover.

The car is equipped with an economical 1.8-liter engine with a capacity of 141 horsepower with an average fuel consumption of 9.5 / 10.0 liters per 100 km and a 6-speed automatic transmission.              It will primarily be of interest to couples who pick up a car for all occasions. The model is practical and spacious. The presence of seven seats in any configuration, clearly demonstrates this

To get on the seats of the third row ?? It's very simple, you just have to move the second row chair forward and tilt its back. When the third row is not needed, it folds and forms a flat, flat surface, thereby increasing the size of the trunk to 769 liters.

The versatility of the interior and the impressive space for the transport of goods can not be ignored. In addition to 16 combinations of seating arrangement, Chevrolet Orlando has many offices, which provides additional comfort for the driver and passengers.

The dashboard is rich in various functionalities. All controls are located in convenient places.

Specifications and Options

Model Modification Description of the complete set 
Orlando (1,8 L) LS М/Т C67 MSA Front heating and air conditioning system with electronic control, 5-speed & nbsp; Mechanical transmission.
LT М/Т C67 K34 MSA UD7 WQW CF5 Front system of heating and air conditioning with electronic control, cruise control automatic (electronic). 5-speed & nbsp; Mechanical transmission, rear parking sensor, aluminum wheels (16x6.5), electric sunroof.
LTZ А/Т K34 MH8 UD7 CF5 Cruise control automatic, 6-speed & nbsp; Mechanical transmission, rear parking sensor, & nbsp; Electric sun roof.


Number of cylinders 4, row location
Working volume, cm3 1796
Maximum power, kW / hp. 140 at 6200 rpm
The twisting moment, Н * м 176 at 3800 rpm
Type of drive Front
Transmission type 5 manual transmission / 6 automatic transmission
Front MacPherson strut
Rear Dependent
Brake system
Front / rear brakes Disc / Drum
Length, mm 4652
Width, mm 1836
Height, mm 1633
Wheelbase, mm 2760
The minimum turning radius, m 5,9
Inner dimensions
Volume of luggage compartment with raised / folded rear seats, l 466
The equipped weight, kg 1603/1696
The equipped weight, kg 2160/2171
Maximum speed, km / h 180/175
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, seconds 12,1/14
Fuel consumption
City cycle, l 12,5/13,5
Смешанный цикл, л 8,5/9
Type and grade of fuel АИ - 91
Fuel tank capacity, l 64


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