Chevrolet Malibu in its outline resembles the legendary Camaro. The same squat body, swept headlights and the shape of the rear arches. This "outfit" is very useful for him, as well as xenon headlights and LED tail lights, which not only increase driving comfort and safety, but also serve as a real decoration for a stylish car.

Aerodynamic Design

Silhouette Malibu has a special rapid beauty, which is typical for sports coupes. A wide, confident landing, tail lights and a muscular body design resemble the famous Chevrolet Camaro. Xenon headlights and LED tail lights give the car an even more original look, emphasizing the sporting character of the new Malibu.

Pleasure in Management

The car is equipped with a variable-effort ZF steering system, which is easy to drive when parked or at low speeds, and has excellent sensitivity at high speeds, which is very convenient when driving dynamically.

Chevrolet Malibu classic gives reliability and full control over the road. The strength characteristics and the quality of the grip of the machine with the road surface are significantly increased. This reduces the vibration level. In the auto, ZF steering is used, capable of providing effective feedback and a precisely metered load

This makes it easy to maneuver even at low speed, which is especially important in parking lots.

New Chevrolet Malibu is attractive not only from the outside, but also in the interior. Everything is aimed at achieving maximum comfort when traveling.

Specifications and Options

Model Modification
Malibu 2 LTZ A/T


Number of cylinders 4, row location
Working volume, cm3 2490
Maximum power, kW / hp. 186 at 5300 rpm
The twisting moment, Н * м 249 at 4400 rpm
Type of drive Front
Transmission type 6 Automatic transmission
Front MacPherson
Rear Four-arm suspension
Brake system
Front / rear brakes Disk / Disk
Length, mm 4923
Width, mm 1854
Height, mm 1470
Wheelbase, mm 2829
The minimum turning radius, m 5,4
Inner dimensions
Luggage compartment volume, l 447
The equipped weight, kg 1471
Maximum permissible mass, kg 2100
Maximum speed, km / h 220
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, seconds 8,0
Fuel consumption
City cycle, l 11,1
The mixed cycle, n 8,1
Type and grade of fuel АI - 91
Fuel tank capacity, l 60


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